Watched Captain America last night with Jon and I was screaming when Danny Pudi came on screen

Also that was an awesome movie and the guy who is in charge of the Entertainment Design major at my school designed the aircrafts and shield mobiles :3

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.

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Lee Price: American Figurative Realistic Oil Paintings

Lee Price an American figurative realist oil painter has created these amazing pieces of art might look like an intimate set of snapshots  … photorealistic oil portraits of herself enjoying food in a sensual setting.

In this beautiful piece of work, Lee is seen posing in a sublime state of quiet ecstasy, if its sitting in a bathtub nude holding a plate of butter and pancakes or lying in bed eating on a McDonald’s burger and milkshake.

Price says her work explores the relationship between food and women, depicting a setting in which indulgence and desires an uninhibited:

“ In this society, there’s so much pressure for women to be thin. We’re not supposed to have appetites and not just for food, but for a lot of things. “ Says Price

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I now have slight nudes in my phone because photo references are necessary


Smithsonian Magazine Announces 11th Annual Photo Contest Finalists


New Illustrations in the Sky Between Buildings by Thomas Lamadieu

Perspective: A-
Head&Hands: B-
Design: A
Illustration Now: Pass

And now waiting for my Comp and Drawing final which is tomorrow and I sill need to finish my final drawing + my two sketchbooks


Tomcat BrothersPiotr Jabłoński

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Oil changes, smog checks, and new tires.

Oil changes, smog checks, and new tires.

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Today was awesome. Went to Kenton Nelson’s studio, had lunch at sushistop and met the girl who did an amazing job with her scholarship wall and I talked to her a bit and told her i followed her on IG and she left a cute note on the receipt and the school had a car on the lawn that an alum created. Afterwards I went to union station and drew some ppl, stumbled upon a hill overlooking the city, went to chinatown and drew more people, then headed back to school.